Snow riding on dirt bikes

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25 Responses to “Snow riding on dirt bikes”

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  2. motorider29

    nice! looks like a lot of snow and fun theres a lot of haters commentin on
    this FUCK EM

  3. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    just shows you know nothing about bikes, I don’t like KTM’s either but they
    make just about the best woods bike out there. I’m a xr650r guy myself 🙂
    can’t beat the power

  4. dirtrider6

    @stewart00 These were bought Trelliborgs for deep snow, for frozen ground
    or up to 2 inches you can stud your own but it’s a LOT of work!

  5. Nick Marshall

    loks like fin but BUY A SNOWMOBILE lol

  6. dirtrider6

    Dude……….thats 17″ of mostly sleet with around 5 inches of snow, what
    are you on a snowboard?

  7. dirtrider6

    That was a tough day, there was over a foot of sugar like ice mixed with 4
    inches of snow, one of our riders had sheet metal screws counter sunk in
    his rear tire, he blew everyone of them out spinning the rear tire just to
    get to that field.

  8. Gasrullen


  9. Joshua Michie

    looks fun haa gona do that this winter have to say tho in tht thickness of
    snow the studs are gona make fuk all diference haa!

  10. Michael Cromer

    @dirtrider6 true

  11. quadkindaguy

    hell yea thats fun as shit i got a 125 baja and i ride in snow and its fun
    as shit but its slow but still fun

  12. greenbay4packers

    looks like fun

  13. dirtrider6

    Why not?

  14. dirtrider6

    The studs make all the difference between having a fun or a frustrating day.

  15. dforce6666

    dude i do tht like 3 times a week and we r way more crazy than you cause we
    take them off jumps

  16. dirtrider6

    AWESOME! Lets see some video!

  17. dirtrider6

    I dont think your 110 would fair much better in 17 inches of sugar like
    ice, thats a Honda 450R with a very capable rider, wound out in 4th or 5th
    gear doing about 20 mph, it was like riding in quick sand.

  18. dirtrider6

    I was out on the Mountain bike all day Saturday up in the mountains, just
    enough snow to make it tricky.

  19. Brandon Kurkierewicz

    Dude thats so much fun sint it. I just got my bike out and we have 2 foot
    of snow. OMG talk about fun. I get on the snowmobile trails and just open
    her up. I have a Yamaha 230. I dont have any studs so it gets kind of
    squirly and scary when Im goin 60, but you just have to be a good rider
    lol. Ya keep on riding hardcore

  20. stewart00

    @dirtrider6 Ya i was thinkin about tryin to make my own by puttin some
    sheetrock screws through the knobs and put a strip around the inside of the
    tire so it doesnt rub on the tube and pop it. Probably just for a one time
    use thing or somethin. Haha pretty ghetto i know but it might work…

  21. Viveyrose

    hell yea ride on guys ride on!

  22. dirtrider6

    Just do a search for studded tires, there’s a lot to choose from, if your
    riding ice you’ll want the long studs like trelliborg tires.

  23. dirtrider6

    Actually none, they were screaming for mercy though, what can I tell you,
    we just cant sit home no matter what the weather, we are trully diehards.

  24. dforce6666

    we ride on dirt bikes 4 wheelers and 3 wheelers in tht kind of stuff and
    hit ramps

  25. Sariandra

    Is it harmful to the bike on any way to ride in deep snow?

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