25 thoughts on “Pure Detroit”

  • Demario Campbell says:

    you mad that we are out here on atvs but u just said you would run us over
    multiple times and rob us but where in the wrong? yall crazy

  • I wish they had somewhere to go and ride safely. Just imagine dudes in
    cars… It’s all good until you run up on a car full of dudes who are just
    looking for a reason to kill somebody. I couldn’t imagine dudes stopping
    dudes in montes on 7 mile and not getting shot. 

  • Hall Aretha’s foolishness is going to get someone hurt you guys are drawing
    attention to the bike clubs bikers are being targeted 


    This is awesome, I thought guys were only doing this in Baltimore, New York
    and all that area over there but HELL ya you guys are doing it in Detroit
    Michigan, I’m in Michigan. I’m going to watch all the videos, does anyone
    in the video know who the guy is on the red quad doing wheelies is he
    looked skinny and had longer hair, tell him to check his tire pressure next
    time before he rides, every one of you should every time you go to ride
    these wheelies, if one rear tire is a half pound or more off you will pull
    to that side every time and have to fight the machine like the guy on the
    red quad, he tried a couple but as soon as he would come up it pulled bad
    to the left, so atleast he has skill and can ride because he compensated
    for the tire being low by hanging all the way to the right side to make it
    go straight in a wheelie, but he needs to check that tire pressure, anyway
    cool video and I’ll be waiting for more, see ya signed The Legendary Triker

  • poisonedtruth says:

    I don’t see the problem I mean if the police didn’t chase these guys they
    would likely follow more traffic laws or at least stop blowing as many
    stops. (I know I seen you had blockers most of the time.) People want to
    talk about what a problem this is. Really? They are out having a good time
    with there friends the fact that it is illegal is a technicality. How many
    people on here go out and have drinks and ride or drive home. You are
    breaking the law too.. My point is there are much worse things out there
    then this. If kids see this and think man I want to do that. They will work
    hard and do what ever they got to to get the money and get out there and
    ride which takes up there time gives them something productive to do. Or
    they could do drugs and get a gun and try to start selling. Better role
    models than dealers just saying. The police are doing a great job impound
    there bikes. Genius! Now they are really not going to stop, and to get away
    ride stupid get hurt. Most of the major cities have a no chase policy for a
    reason it just makes shit worse.. The more the police enforce this (or try
    to) the worse the problem will become. Anyways Wheels up guys stay safe out

  • Lisa Rogers says:


  • antonio blocker says:

    LOL I think its cool ,But seriously in the middle of livernois no
    somebody’s going to get hurt not only the riders but the ppl driving taking
    care of there business there has to be somewhere in the city to ride other
    then the main streets during high traffic hrs.

  • Hahahahahahaha, what a bunch of utter fucking muppets, overweight wanna be
    gangstas on the quad bikes hahahahahahaha

  • InksterLoyalty says:

    Why ya’ll so mad about us riding in the streets all that racist stuff and
    talking about what yall would do to us is unnecessary ….. But yA’ll can
    leave a number n I’ll contact you and we can handle it from there 

  • Jonathan Bishop says:

    If a report is filed in Detroit it usually about 2 to 3 days for the police
    to respond

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