How to fix “No Spark” Problem on Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes

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24 Responses to “How to fix “No Spark” Problem on Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes”

  1. Charles Brink

    Hello! thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about DIY bike repair guide called Bikelanox Manual (search on google), but I’m not sure if it´╗┐ is really good. Have you considered Bikelanox Manual? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my friend finally learn how to maintenance his own bike by using it, but he refuses to tell me ­čÖü

  2. 14cyproit14

    Brilliant Video, i have an issue with my ignition and in need of HELP!
    Basically Ive´╗┐ replaced the Ignition coil, CDI, checked all fuses and changed the plug 3 times, battery is also fully charged. But im getting a very weak spark?

    The bike is a Gilera SC125 Sportsbike, if anyone can help i would apprecheate that! Thanks guys

  3. snappy2111

    with 2 trokes its always the plug fouled and if it has spark and gas and it still wont start the exhaust is´╗┐ plugged up…95% of the time

  4. fordf150839

    yo the´╗┐ wires are backwards´╗┐

  5. lutz97bruno

    i have a 1983 suzuki rm 125 tht has´╗┐ spark when i hold the kill switch. any ideas whats wrong?

  6. Tabetha Gormley

    Hello, I have a 1990 honda xr80 it is a SOB with no spark if you could please explain what the hell i´╗┐ do with the two wires from the stator where do they connect two ? i have a new plug, condenser, stator is on the way if you could draw a half ass diagram on what goes where and email it or something would be super appreciated thanks ­čÖé

  7. Hooverdarnit

    It’s´╗┐ stat-ionary alternator.

  8. highonmtndew247

    i have a 99cc kawasaki motor (late 70’s early 80’s?) and i only get a single spark when i move the kill switch from off to on,´╗┐ (two off settings one on) while kicking the motor over. other wise no spark is there, i tried unplugging the killswitch but i still get no spark. any ideas? im getting a reading off of the stator but its only peaking at about 150 ohms which might not be high enough?

  9. vonzace

    thanks. ended up juss buyin a new´╗┐ coil and that did the job

  10. rob3782


  11. bikercc

    its a generator on a motorcycle´╗┐

  12. bikercc

    you need a new spark plug boot, its cracked if you´╗┐ see sparks jumping from spark plug to motor. i would also recommend getting a new plug while your at it

  13. rob3782

    can any one help me with getting my´╗┐ bike going iv got no spark here is the link to my video thank,s

  14. vonzace

    ok, heres the low down. My bike wont run, and im pretty damn´╗┐ sure its an ignition problem. When i take the plug out and test for spark, I can here it, but i dont see a spark. When plug is leaning up agianst the motor, the spark jumps from the plug to the motor, and is extreamly bright. also, when i take the plug off the wire, I can here the spark jumping somwhere, is that bad? Any healing methods tht dont involve spendin money?

  15. huntdipnfish

    we thought that checked the ground frame is definatly grounded drilled and tapped a hole´╗┐ solded a wire on between the bold and frame tightend it down and heated again then soldered to the barb on the plug and nothing definatly not a ground problem…

  16. bikercc

    it sounds like the plug isn’t´╗┐ grounded dude, wherever your touching the plug against ins’t ground, check your ground connections your motor might not even be grounded

  17. huntdipnfish

    maybe you guys can help i got a 1980 suzuki 125 heres the deal hold the plug and ground it i get zapped try just grounding the plug no spark center post´╗┐ on the plug to the motor and it will spark to the motor but not to the ground on the plug ever. threw a new plug in same thing. any ideas what might be bad? anything can help at this point…

  18. William Ebanks

    thanks man appreciated it ´╗┐

  19. jonasu23

    ismuok´╗┐ kurva filmovt

  20. Chronicxable

    :l wtf is´╗┐ a stator ?

  21. fdx424

    How much that can cost? Is´╗┐ a yamaha wr125r bike.

  22. bikercc

    you can’t repair one unless it has an internal fuse which is unlikely, you must buy a new/ used´╗┐ one to replace it.

  23. fdx424


    Can you teach me how to repair a cdi?


  24. M0N5T3R3N3RGYR4C1NG

    And there was barely any spark. so we tested all the stuff you´╗┐ said in the video and I don’t remember the results. But before I bug anybody else or spend a fortune taking it to a shop could you please tell me what you think is wrong with my bike??? Thanks.

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