GoPro: Dirt Bikes and Shotguns +Facecam info

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25 Responses to “GoPro: Dirt Bikes and Shotguns +Facecam info”

  1. jt fred

    Nice 12 gauge!

  2. DjlandoGeneration3

    Icanflyjake im back bro!

  3. YOPAM PlaysMC

    Jake has no right to have a gun at the age 15

  4. EnderCrafter99

    Hey i got a gopro hero 3 for christmas too its awesome. Is that a gopro

  5. aaron m

    Wait is that a real gun?

  6. Adrian Herrera

    His second channel is jaketalksgaming

  7. ►Nickldav◄

    I love guns. I will always support Gun Rights.

  8. Madix Johnson

    do you live in Indiana? i do

  9. Aksel Diamondz

    I like ur place Jake!

  10. TreyProGamer Chan.

    Wadi ignore my other comment I read the title wrong

  11. Minecraft4Gurlz


  12. Themunchingfryz

    I have a mcpe channel, I upload videos almost every day. I was wondering if
    some of you guys could check it out? thanks!

  13. MastersorusRex

    Hey Jake thx for joining my server:)

  14. Buddy films

    Finally someone on YouTube like guns and lives in the country just like me

  15. 123 Minecraft

    It’s you or it’s a game ? 

  16. Zen monkey

    Btw i have adhd if you dont now wht it is look it up btw will you check my
    vids out and let me niw wht you think

  17. instaminer plays


  18. HirvsPlaysMC

    Your dog is so cute

  19. Kevin Rivera

    How is the channel called again? O.o

  20. Leon Bryan

    Can you do another iOS terraria so I can probley play with you

  21. Charbel Al-houkaim

    Did you even hit a single pigeon?? And nice 12 gauge, I got a browning 12
    gauge that I shoot ALOT, it’s a lot of fun man

  22. Michael Laino

    do u live on a farm ? or is that just near bush land ?nice gun

  23. StrangerDangerPC

    Nice life dude

  24. WhovianCrafter

    Haha me too pastel

  25. THEFV3

    What is your other channel? I can’t find it!

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