Dunefest 2012. Big air! Oregon Dunes! Dirt bikes going huge!

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14 Responses to “Dunefest 2012. Big air! Oregon Dunes! Dirt bikes going huge!”

  1. AJ Hoover

    Thanks main! I ride while medicated also =)

  2. Travis Potgieter

    rolling coal in the dunes, looking good AJ

  3. yamaharaptor69

    come on ppl don’t hate on quads at the end of the day we both are
    riding…it fucking suck never been to the dunes got no body to go with

  4. Trevor B

    Ragecage07. gives props to this VIDEO< man what a great put to gether show, I have some great memories at that location, with truck, and bikes. Thumbs up!

  5. TrashCanyon

    It’s the only way to ride my friend!

  6. Tim Potteiger

    Wow, I would love to see some of the uncut footage. That was some sick

  7. JDerskie

    ahhh ok makes sense

  8. jack williamson

    So other bikes and quads can see you in the dunes. Most places it is

  9. Michael De Santa

    Dunefest12 was awesome! Loved it there!

  10. TrashCanyon

    Sick fuckin Vids Dude… Subscribed!

  11. AJ Hoover

    Watch the newer vids!

  12. AJ Hoover

    Is that okay with you? haha

  13. JDerskie

    what are the buggy whips for?

  14. walkermx191

    ahh nooo! quads!!! 🙁

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