The Danish squad has announced a new sponsorship deal with the German company – the stolting group.

Cult energy team whose future had been on shaky ground for a while are now safe as the German company has swooped in to help safeguard their professional continental status.

The stolting group, which has sponsored a team in the continental ranks in 2015, has decided to provide the sponsorship to German counterpart and join forces with the team; this will help to ensure that the cult energy team has a space in the 2016 professional continental ranks.

While the stolting group will be providing the budget, the new team formed between the German and Danish alliance will be registered as the cult energy-stolting group, the team whose agreement is expected to last for five years is optimistic of riding in big future events, particularly the grand tour.

In a bid to further strengthen the alliance, some of the young riders at the German group will now ride with the new team as part of the squad, this may all just be speculation as the management of the team has said while announcing the agreement that the roster for the season had not been planned out yet.

The line up of the team currently includes Russell Downing from Britain, Fabian Wegmann, Linus Gerdeman, and some other skilled Danish riders like Rasmus Goodhammer who had come fourth at the tour of Denmark and Rasmus Quaade. In a press conference to announce the news in Denmark, the director of the cult group said:

“This is a big day for us and I am proud to let you all know that with this agreement, we will continue having a strong team in the years to come at pro continental level.

“It has been more than a hectic year. Besides running the team and participating in races, we have been looking for and negotiating with potential sponsors since we started the project in 2014.”