Big Air moto cross Dirt race track Newaygo Michigan for dirt bikes and quads/ four wheelers Pro

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22 Responses to “Big Air moto cross Dirt race track Newaygo Michigan for dirt bikes and quads/ four wheelers Pro”

  1. TheYoungmoneyproduct

    yes they are open to the public

  2. 216lacrosse

    I wish i lived in michigan or how ever you spell it. But nj is were its at

  3. smiatacz

    @skatedude223 downing pool i believe,

  4. 2bidfilmsguy

    yea come here for the day and roll into newago and sit down to eat at the
    sportsman, thats what my weekends consist of

  5. ithinkididurmom

    i live in michigan my brother races at big air

  6. 216lacrosse

    Cuz thats a nice track n ur a good arguementsl person lol

  7. suzuki85racer

    @216lacrosse why would u wish u lived in michigan if “nj is where its at”

  8. skatedude223

    whats the song

  9. Alexander Hislop

    this used to be a better track before they rounded off all the jumps..still
    nice tho

  10. mtxgirly828

    Hey when were you there?? we never got to meet up!! We’ll ill be at big air
    again this year so hopefully we can hangout! lol

  11. WolfGirl202

    I race here and i ride quads and dirt bikes

  12. landon s

    is newaygo on the west side of the state how far a way from lansing (mason)

  13. Logan Barendse

    im in this video 51 seconds in i jumped the jump right in front of him

  14. 497orless

    is this track like the one in ogemaw where there is no class u just go out
    and ride?

  15. pfcharwoodv

    so is this track open to the public for practice ride during the week and

  16. brandon390

    dude sweet.. i race here.. lol jsut crashed today an broke my front brake..

  17. smiatacz

    @pfcharwoodv I’m not sure of hours, I got to the rose city one, but they do
    have a web site just google the name

  18. Rustybunchbantam10

    I’m in Newaygo all the time I gotta find this place!!

  19. Austin Kerr

    CHECK MY PG OUT!!!Some new vids up subscribe and add, thanks for ur time

  20. WolfGirl202

    I actually was in that video

  21. WolfGirl202

    Last year I broke 2 dirt bikes and 3 quads while is was racing and broke my
    leg and arm

  22. ithinkididurmom

    not a bad video

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