ATV Riders Invade Miami (January 19, 2015) WTVJ | WFOR | WSVN

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25 Responses to “ATV Riders Invade Miami (January 19, 2015) WTVJ | WFOR | WSVN”

  1. thomas dawe

    why not send out several police cars with a driver and a shooter and put an
    end to this shit…. ounce they learn what the penalty is it will not
    happen again

  2. losttapes219

    This has nothing to do with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, just a bunch of
    thugs on bikes showing off and having no regard for everybody’s safety.

  3. trayvon2262012

    In the USA, do negroes go to school?

  4. Patrick Wainwright

    Started at an MLK parade in Liberty City. That is at least 2 layers of

  5. Taylor Potter

    Have to love how Blacks will use any excuse to break the law

  6. MTH BikeLife

    BIKE LIFE its a lifestyle not a hobby …. Your hate and ignorant comments
    or the cops wont stop a real movement Guns down Bikes up its saving lives
    why are you people soo mad, all over the world its changing neighborhoods
    and violence and its gonna grow and grow Maybe they’re mad because they
    cant afford a $5000 bike for their little children ….No accidents But add
    cops and you will have plenty the cops are the problem we the people are
    coming together to make Changes on there own doing the cops jobs…. On
    the discovery channel they put people lives in danger with illegal car
    races and have not messed with them at all 

  7. Ron Prunty

    everyone on this thread is either hatin on the bikers or makin racist
    comments….what about the assinine things the reporters are
    sayin….somebody shoot THEM stupid fuckers. lol

  8. TheWarrior1256

    Of course they’re black…

  9. Dane Palmer

    Im a biker and i know this is just pure ignorance. You can Do what u love
    while obeying the law 

  10. Brough Jidus


  11. Rogent X

    Those aren’t riders, they are idiots who happen to be on bikes and ATVs.

  12. Spartan8907

    Bunch of twats that don’t deserve what they have.

  13. Alex Gordon

    great MLK day celebration!! “put down your guns and ride your bikes”

  14. Anthony Greaves

    ATV Riders Invade Miami (January 19, 2015) WTVJ | WFOR | WSVN:

  15. rpmfreak17

    Dirtbikes and quads wtf is the big deal. The only lives they are putting at
    risk is their own.

  16. unoefxz

    insert racist comment here “___________________________” , my comment
    should be taken serious by everyone to make the world a better place, color
    doesn’t matter anymore, an asshole is an asshole, blue pink or purple, just
    another asshole out there doing the same shit day after day. If it upsets
    you, you are ignorant to that fact that that is what they are striving to
    achieve and they are winning by your reaction…. if you ignore them, then
    you win even within your own mind. break the law, pay the consequences,
    that folks is what the Constitution states and allows……..

  17. CalebR Cullen

    That one guy who is failing to be awesome…

  18. zyodei

    this is actually fucking hilarious

  19. Lucas DaBoss


  20. Steven B2

    y no machinegun on da stoopid helicopta’?

  21. V1PER7964

    Honor the guy who fought for your rights in this country by breaking the
    law and discrediting your race…I’m sure he is pleased with what you have
    done with your freedom

  22. retro666future

    Just let these guy invade without any police present, then they will
    disappear even faster because they don’t have any audience.

  23. richie rich

    now I know where all them stolen bikes are ending up

  24. mitch richardson

    You dumbass brainwashed white people. Let everyone have fun. Who cares?
    Your government is poisoning us slowly. Get your priorities str8

  25. Armando Acosta

    Yolo nigga

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