KTM 990’s racing 24hrs against real dirt bikes

October 14th, 2014 — 11:11pm

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Sponsors and Owners for Tyler and others

September 21st, 2014 — 10:32pm

Cannondale the sponsor was confirmed for the team of Garmin-Sharp currently. Many spots have been filled by the Dale boys of C group temporarily. Ted King and Tyler Farrar are proving to be the best bet on the market. Of course, there are more people out but their skills complement each other.

Accusation on Alexander Kolobnev and Alexander Vinokourov on the basis of bribery is being questioned. Reports and investigations suggest that a monetary transfer did take place which was profusely called as loan. In Belgium priority of prosecutorial version is being hailed for protecting the integrity of the cyclists. Questions are raised as to what comes under crime of cyclists and what does not. It is believed that sponsors are not behaving at their best as they should be regarding the riders. As far as Tyler Farrar is concerned it is a known fact that he is leaving his team and settling in for some other team. He also has plans made up for 2015 Qhubeka.

Contract was made last year but Farrar had to wait to sign up for the new team. Many sponsors are ready to take up the charge for Tyler but when it comes to owning up the shuffling of teams is creating chaos for Tyler but he does not show it since it is better money may be which involves him to go and settle for another team. A career move and change is a big decision for him and now how far are the sponsors going to support or will they change their attitude towards him and sign other riders for sponsorship is a bright chance. Tyler does not fear the sponsors as he takes what comes naturally. If he sees a bright future with some other team he moves on which is quite acceptable.

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September 16th, 2014 — 5:43pm

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September 16th, 2014 — 5:43pm

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World-Class Teams To Participate In The Tour of Britain This Year

August 26th, 2014 — 2:56pm

Tour of Britain is the most popular multi-stage cycling tour that is conducted in Britain ever year. Participants belonging to the different parts of Britain compete in the tour. Fans from all over the world follow the tour very closely.

Tour of Britain 2013 was won by Bradley Wiggins who is going to defend his title in September this year.

Recently, the names of the cycling teams participating in the 2014 Tour of Britain have been confirmed and the list includes top-class cycling teams such as Tinkoff-Saxo, Team Sky, Giant-Shimano, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, Movistar, Garmin-Sharp, BMC Racing and Belkin.

Along with these cycling teams (well-known for their World-tour titles and levels of racing), some other Professional Continental cycling outfits like Novo Nordisk, NepApp-Endura, MTN-Qhubeka, IAM Cycling and Bardiani-CSF.

British Continental cycling teams such as Raleigh, Rapha-Condor-JLT, Giordana and Madison Genesis are going to be accompanied by An Post-Chain Reaction (Irish outfit) and Great Britain’s National cycling team.

A total of six cyclists will be selected by each of the twenty teams named above. This means that 120 riders are going to be a part of the tour this year.

Mick Bennett (race director of Tour of Britain) said that every year many cycling teams show great enthusiasm in relation to the tour. This year also teams showed great excitement.

According to Bennett, the Tour of Britain 2014 has a line-up of extremely strong cycling teams. Half of those teams have participated in the Tour de France. Therefore Bennett thinks that the teams will showcase some of the best cycling squads this year.

Cycling fans are surely going to witness some exciting competition and also maybe some surprises in the tour.

The Tour of Britain 2014 is going to start on the 7th of September, 2014 in Liverpool and is going to continue till the 14th of September, 2014 in Central London.

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GoPro: Dirt Bikes and Shotguns +Facecam info

August 19th, 2014 — 11:11am

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Life After Cycling For Victoria Pendleton

July 22nd, 2014 — 12:22pm

Being a gold and silver medallist at the Olympics in 2012and also emerging as the greatest Olympian of Britain in females is a huge achievement. She has retired and it has been two years but has been active in taking other challenges. She has also appeared in Emmerdale.

She enjoyed being in Emmerdale and it was because of her mother that she went up to Leeds. The village was fantastic as reported but the real action occurs on the sets itself. She went in for a private tour of the entire village and the other stars and actors were very amiable and approachable to her and to her mother both. She is keen on taking up more acting but life after playing is a different feeling altogether. She is also taking care of her body now as to get in shape training has to be done. Not that Victoria’s body was not fit but sports body is something different than an actors body so a more feminine look is being considered by her.

She is also planning to be a personal trainer with a chain of gyms of Fitness First. She also had plans of undergoing a surgery as she was not happy with her figure. She wanted a size zero figure but now regrets it. Being fit was always in her genes and it is a crucial aspect of sports hence she continued the regime after her career as a cyclist. She is ready to divulge and share the knowledge with others and it is an exciting part of her life. It is new breath of life for her and she is getting all the freedom as she can after cycling. She is also spending more time with her family.

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